Our staff are specially trained in acupuncture, a holistic treatment which is used for pain relief from various muscular & joint injuries, including low back pain, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder. Fine needles are inserted into the body at specific points to stimulate the body's natural pain relieving mechanisms Find Out More Make A Booking

Sports Injuries

We treat various sports injuries including muscle and ligament strain, nerve injury, muscular imbalance, core instability, and repetitiev strain injuries such as tennis elbow. Treatemnt leads into rehabilitation back to pre-injury levels, to ensure reinjury does not occur.   Find Out More Make A Booking
 Sports Injuries

Sports Massage

Recommended in those who clock up many miles each week, including footballers and runners, to prevent injury and maintain optimal soft tissue health - by treating muscle scar tissue and adhesions, increasing circulation, and alleviating muscle shortening. Find Out More Make A Booking
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We offer clinics at 4 locations across Glasgow & the surrounding areas, ensuring ease of access whether patients are attending from home or work. These locations are; Glasgow West End, Newton Mearns, Clarkston and Kirkintilloch All clinics offer free parking. Find Out More Make A Booking
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We offer a domiciliary (home visit) service whereby one of our physiotherapists would attend the patient's home to provide treatment. This service proved convenient for those who cannot attend clinically due to impaired mobility or ill health, or whom struggle with transport due to recent surgery. Find Out More Make A Booking
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