Neck Pain? Don’t Just Live With It, We Can Help!!

November 27, 2018Comments Off on Neck Pain? Don’t Just Live With It, We Can Help!!

Neck Stiffness and Pain

Just a couple of quick questions……to improve your quality of life.

Are you suffering from intermittent episodes of neck stiffness and pain on waking, are you struggling to manage your safety checks when driving, cycling or riding your motorcycle? Maybe your sleep is disturbed at times and you struggle to get comfortable due to neck discomfort or pain.

Do you spend prolonged periods of your day sitting working at a computer, using an IPad or other electronic device? Poor sustained posture, insufficient levels of activity and lack of movement?

Muscle strain, ligaments, joints, discs…..neural tightness or restriction…leading to shoulder, arm pain, altered sensation, numbness, muscle weakness.

On-going issues with neck pain can lead to reduced movement, stiffness and ultimately a reduction in strength and stability in the neck and spine. You may alter how you manage day to day activities to accommodate for these issues or even reduce or stop activities that you enjoy and love.

Don’t delay, because you can do something about this… K.M. Woods Physiotherapy Ltd., our expert chartered physiotherapists can help.

Book in for a physiotherapy assessment. You will receive a comprehensive professional assessment and you will be provided with helpful advice and exercises to allow you to improve your movement, reducing stiffness and pain. Postural correction and advice about your positioning and the need to take regular breaks will also help. Exercises to strengthen your muscles that support the neck are essential alongside a specific programme to allow you to return to your chosen level of activity.

It is worthwhile getting treatment and advice so that you can manage your safety checks well and effectively, as well as enjoying an improved quality of sleep and return to pastimes you enjoy!

Call us today on 0141 353 0906, to speak to one of our physiotherapy staff about your condition, or to book an appointment at any of our 5 clinical sites – Glasgow West End (G3), Mosspark (G52), Clarkston (G76), Newton Mearns (G77), or Kirkintilloch (G66)