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What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a popular form of exercise which aims to improve posture and enable smooth pain free movement of the body. It focuses on the deep muscles around the pelvis and spine, and due to the concentration on precise and controlled movements, can also help with relaxation of mind and body.

Pilates can be helpful for a wide range of conditions, including back pain, various aches and pains and neurological conditions. It can help improve balance, sporting ability, and general day to day function, as well as maintaining and improving strength and flexibility before and after childbirth.

Pilates sessions are carried out by one of our chartered physiotherapists, trained in the Australian Pilates and Physiotherapy Institute (APPI) method. Your first session will involve discussing any current aches, pains and functional issues you would like to work on and an assessment of posture and general function to enable the practitioner to tailor make a Pilates exercise program for you.


Corporate Pilates

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can lead to pain and stiffness in joints and muscles throughout the body. This can be due to a combination of poor postures adopted, and a lack of movement which helps to keep the body supple.

Pilates exercise focuses on becoming more aware of our posture, engaging our ‘core’ strength and moving the body in a controlled way, in time adopting better postures and patterns of movement. This can be helpful in reducing pain and stiffness, potentially reducing time off work with aches and pains and improving work efficiency.

K.M. Woods Physiotherapy can provide Corporate Pilates classes, in house, to enable workers to learn the Pilates method and ideally incorporate it into their daily routine.

Classes would be carried out in sitting and standing positions, with a maximum of 10 per class (depending on space). No special equipment or clothing is required as exercises will be adapted to suit office workers. You don’t usually work up a sweat in these classes. Classes would last 30-40 minutes and be carried out in the work place if desired as a corporate venture, or in our Glasgow West End (G3) clinic in private tuition is desired.

Our Corporate Pilates service is offered with the flexibility to suit the needs of your company – Pilates can be offered as once-off, bespoke classes, to assist team building or perhaps give a taster to employees with a view to undertaking more regular classes in future. Alternatively, our Corporate Pilates class can be undertaken in-house on a regular basis, be it weekly or fortnightly. Classes are offered at a time convenient to both the employer and staff members involved.

What Is The Benefit To Our Company Of Engaging In A Programme Of Corporate Pilates?

There are many benefits to both the employers & employees who engage in this scheme.

For employers, regular exercise, particularly that aimed to improve postural habits, will reduce the rate of sickness absence resulting from musculoskeletal aches and pains. At K.M. Woods Physiotherapy, a considerable percentage of our weekly patients present with conditions that are either a direct or indirect result of sitting at a desk for prolonged periods on a daily basis. Pilates aims to minimise the harmful effects of such, essentially preventing the manifestation of symptoms in the first place – keeping employees fit and at their work! Also, research has shown a brief period of exercise to improve subsequent concentration levels, hence increasing productivity. As an added bonus, an employer seen to invest in their staff is likely to have a more motivated staff!

For the employees engaging in our Corporate Pilates programme, the benefits are many. Convenient access to high-quality exercise (led by an experienced physiotherapist), building of camaraderie with colleagues, and a reduction in the harmful effects of prolonged sitting are all obvious benefits. Alongside the huge benefits of exercise, such an in-house service is ideal for those staff members struggling to fit regular exercise into their working day due to childcare issues, considerable commuting etc.

1-1 or Small Group Pilates

At K.M. Woods Physiotherapy, we also offer clinic-bases 1-to-1 or small group Pilates, with a maximum of 3 participants. These classes are provided in our Glasgow West End (Royal Crescent) practice, offered by one of our physiotherapy staff with specialist training in Pilates instruction. Appointments are offered at the convenience of the participants, & are typically run on a weekly basis.

If you would like more details regarding Corporate Pilates, or a 1-1 or small group class, please contact us directly on 0141 353 0906


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