Workplace Assesments

workplace Workplace Assesments

Employers can help reduce the incidence of MSD work related injuries by ensuring that good workstation ergonomics are practiced in the workplace.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported in 2008/9 an estimated prevalence of 538,000 people in the national workforce suffered from a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) caused or made worse by their current or past work. The majority of these cases suffered from a disorder mainly affecting the back, upper limbs and neck.

What is Workstation ergonomics?
Ergonomics can be defined as the science of fitting the workstation to the user instead of forcing the user to fit the workstation. If the workstation is adapted to the individual, then this will help to decrease any health issues as well as increasing productivity.

To achieve this ideal ‘fit’ several factors need to be assessed:

  • The nature of the job and percentage of time spend at the workstation.
  • The desk set up including desk height, position of computer, phone etc
  • The physical environment (temperature, humidity, lighting, noise)
  • If the user has any pre-existing medical conditions which may require special ergonomic equipment

Why is ergonomics important?
Ergonomics is especially important in the workplace. If good ergonomics are in place then employees will be able to spend more time at their workstation and will have fewer distractions due to physical discomfort, resulting in improved concentration and increased productivity. This will also mean fewer absences and compensation claims.

How can physiotherapists help?

  • Physiotherapists will be able to determine if your work station could be either causing or exacerbating any musculoskeletal conditions such as postural low back pain, sciatica pain, neck pain, migraines or repetitive strain injury.
  • We conduct on site workstation assessments. Pro-active workstation assessments will determine if there are any changes needed to your work station to prevent any future health issues and re-active work station assessments can help you modify your work station depending on your musculoskeletal condition.
  • Simple changes to an employee’s workstation such as use of a lumbar roll, or phone headset could accelerate their return to work as well as increase productivity.
  • If you required any advice on ergonomic equipment for personal use or for your workforce (which is usually inexpensive) then we can provide advice on equipment and how to achieve the ideal posture at your work station.

Workplace assessment costs
The assessment is competitively priced and is likely to last for 30-60 minutes. It will include a detailed report and recommendations. If you were to book a number of assessments for staff on the same day then this may reduce the overall cost. Price available on request.